Thursday, March 4, 2010

Arise & Build

"He leads the humble in justice, and He teaches the humble His way"
Psalms 25:9

As I typed these words, I was overwhelmed by gratitude to God. Two weeks back, I was aking for His guidance on how much should I give for my church's Arise & Build. I know that there are some conditions need to be met first.
In Isaiah 58, we find that the conditions are honoring God, observing the Sabbath, not pointing the finger in accusation of others,etc. Above all, having a humble heart. Humility is the key that unlock His provision.
"And the Lord will continually guide you" written in Isaiah 58:11.

In one of the morning prayers, a voice whispered in my heart to give a certain amount. I was surprised. Well, it might not seem very pleasant at that moment; since there is a gap between my own thoughts, reasons and His. Then in the weekend service, He spoke again through a verse in Luke. Wow,He is God-He has the right to pick what He wants to say,how to say and even confirm it again!
It became my task afterward, to show a right response. Yesterday, after I withdraw some cash to be given this weekend, I suddenly received email offering 2 part-time jobs,which is a very rare opportunity given by my school.Indeed He is the Provider! Amazing!

If we can hear God's voice and have been called to do a small task in building His kingdom, let's be grateful because we are found worthy to be His children and we are to be TESTED on the promises He has given. God won't allow us to be tested beyound what we can bear. He is a loving Father who wants His children to succeed. He wants us to grow up becoming more like Him.
Although we may find it difficult to fulfill, we can be sure of His character, which is good; and expect for His promises. Sacrificial giving is foundational if we want our life show that we are following His steps.
God bless you :)


  1. whoaa....wad a great testimony here..!Let's arise and build,kez..=).

  2. wow... aku baru tau kezia ada blog... kereeeeeennn.... hahahaha... ikutan jadi fans ah... wkwkwk... hey ur english is very pro! i like it!

  3. Duta: Thanks du! Yeah, lets give our best seed :) And we shall reap good fruits. Get well soon for your dad.

    Richie: Hehe.. iya, blom sebulan sih bikinnya.. Thanks :) Must adapt bcos no longer staying in Indo,right? Anyway, are u Richie Koo?