Sunday, November 7, 2010

My Birthday Resolution

Two days from now and it would be my 19th birthday. It is special knowing that I would be leaving my teenage years and stepping into another exciting chapter of my life.
Okay. So, i will turn nineteen soon. If someone would ask me what is the best way to celebrate a birthday, it is definitely making a commitment to one’s self to become a more socially responsible person, be a person who benefits and blesses others.

I have no idea how this was brought about but i created a Birthday Resolution. The things i have to do BEFORE I be twenty-year-old. These, however simple they may seem, are things i have never done.
So, this year, i want to to do my list. Let me know if you wanna go with me doing the things. Around same time next year i shall post pictures as proof.

The List:

1. Read bible from cover to cover.
I tried it before and I think I stopped somewhere in the Old Testament, thus this time I want to finish it.
2. Pray and fast for 10 days-straight.
3. Grow my waist-long hair back.
I love long hair for its feminity effect, especially if it is silky and shiny. Voila!
4. Go volunteer at Soup Kitchen.
Being caught up in our own lives drama, we forget people with real problems. Give back to society and help fellow woman by feeding the needy.
5. Be a vegetarian.
Eat no meat, fish, milk or egg since I saw the cruelness in killing those animals for food. Besides, raising animals for food contributes more greenhouse gases than all the vehicles in the world. See for detail.
6. Adopt a tree.
Since I can’t plant any tree any where right now, I’ll try to offset carbon footprint by adopting one, or two, at Botanic Gardens. They have a list of about 100 types of trees.
7. Go to Botanical Garden.
8. Take mum to buy a designer bag.
9. Being green by not taking any more plastic bags & straws
Perhaps, the greatest thing to help the environment is to lessen the use of plastics.. or much better, find alternatives for it. Imagine how many years it would take nature to digest plastic straws, bags and mineral water bottles we produce everyday!
10. Go for romantic meals at a restaurant on Dempsey Road.
11. Picnic in the park with my loved ones.
12. Pretend to know someone and engage them in conversation
13. Get into shape (36-24-36)
This is so ideal! I’ll have to work out that waist for sure.
14. Drink aged whisky.
With harsher and darker taste than wine, it is uncommon woman’s drink. And it is good only if it has been at least 10 years in a casket.
15. Save money for needy kids in Cambodia and Indonesia.
It’s not like Angelina Jolie’s example, but we still can help for any amount and this will help providing them with education, healthcare, playground and basic necessities (Cambodia). For just S$30 a year and this will proceed for their education fees (Indonesia).
16. Write a letter with pen to a friend.
In this age of emailing, the feeling of receiving a real letter and its sincerity of handwriting can’t be beaten.
17. Learn more about flight attendant.
Understand this dream job better. Finding a mentor will help to get started.
18. Watch fireflies.
19. Speak proper German.
German is the most widely spoken tongue in Europe, it supports wide range of exchange programs and opportunities to study on scholarship.
20. Compile my own recipe book.
Self-publish my own family favourite recipe book so never have to worry about family’s recipe getting lost over time. Printing some copies of hardcover design may costs cheaper in Jakarta.
21. Swimming at a beach.

My Wishes
NON-TANGIBLE (Personal Wishes)
1. I hope my mom would be healed completely from her oesophagus sickness and able to eat anything anytime. I believe that prayers may help. Her health can really scare me at times, so I really want her to be super-healthy. For my father also, I wish with all my heart he is doing okay. For his business, ministry, health, relationship, marriage, everything; may he succeed in everything. I just admire him, so much.
2. I wish my brother and sister will do well on their studies. I don’t expect honors but I’m sure they’ll live life as a student to the fullest and be salt and light among their friends.
3. I hope I can spend more intimate time with God, spend more money on helping the needy, and fulfill my “10,000 hours” on writing.
4. I wish more people realized and willing to change according to Environmental, Poverty, Hunger, or any other issues. Let’s try to do what we can to make others and the earth better. Save electricity and water, use public transport, eat less processed food, print on both sides, avoid using disposable cutleries and chopsticks, not sending junk mail, adopt a tree, fund a child’s education, donating to disaster, etc. Just some efforts to make this world a better place.
5. For NTU cellgroup family, provided us the chance to be friends and most of us had underwent many things together, I wish that we can all grow to be more like Him each day.
6. My grandpa! I wish he’s happy, healthy, lovely as always. And continue serving God until the end.
7. For Indonesia, my beloved country, may it be strengthened by God. I know He won’t give tribulations more than what we can bear. This is His opportunity to prove what can be shaken and what’s not. Hopefully humanity can’t. May all Indonesians given heart of generosity and compassion, to do to others as we do to ourselves. God loves Indonesia.
8. A bouquet of fresh flowers. Especially roses, I adore those.
9. A book. Amaze me with your choice.
10. Nice eco-friendly house with huge garden and room for worship.



  1. "Read bible from cover to cover"
    Hehehe, Kezia, you can rush it in December holiday :D

  2. Jef, I'm not having holiday in Dec, got Entre minor. Hehe. Must do anyhow. I read 4chapters a day, starting from the back this time. Hehehe

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  4. Lets be a vegetarian together. :)

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