Friday, May 20, 2011

Hey, Are You Feeling Stressed?

Tackling Exam Stress
- Start revision early.
- Stick to your revision timetable.
- Set realistic targets by knowing your strengths and weaknesses.
- Do not hesitate to seek help when in doubt.
- Be confident and do not forget your daily quiet time.

Staying Positive
- Believe that you can face any challenge. Though you can't, Jesus can, so keep Him inside you.
- See positive side of any situation. There is always opportunity in crisis.
- Mistakes are learnt from failures. Though learning from other people's mistakes is better...just take the lesson and move on.
- Be strong, remember you're in good hands of God and His plans are higher than yours.

Managing Anger
- Do not use hurtful words. Simply walk away.
- Take a deep breath (breathing from tummy instead of chest) and pray that your joy would not be taken by the devil.
- Think through the problem and resolve it calmly and rationally.
- Apologise for any mistakes.
- Rebuke the actions and mistakes, not the person.
- Forgive and forget their mistakes, just like what Jesus had done to us.

De-stressing and Relaxing
- Talk to God, family, or friends.
- Exercise or play games with friends.
- Go for a movie or read your favourite book.
- Clean up your room/house and decorate it with your favourite theme.
- Indulge in a complete bath experience. Soap, scrub, mask, shampoo, conditioner, face exfoliant, mouthwash, hair-trimming, lavender aromatherapy, perfecto!
- Have enough sleep.

Friends, this is actually coping strategies I adopt to deal with some stressors in life. Hopefully these may help you to cope with yours too!

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