Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Prayer is a quiet time to devote ourselves to God.
It is a communion with God to be in His presence.
It is a fellowship with God to remain obedient to His command.
It is a time to talk and listen to God: a dialogue.
It is a time to express our dependance to God.
It is a a time to praise God for His power, presence, and wisdom.
It is a time to thank God for His love and grace.
It is a time to make known our intercessions, requests, and petitions.

Prayer is personal thing with God, not a parade in public.

Prayer is with faith and simplicity like a child talks to his /her father.
Persistent prayer is praying relentlessly keeps on asking, seeking and knocking.
Prayer is priceless contribution we can make to the life of other people, spreading God's kingdom and its righteousness.

Pray the hardest when it is the hardest to pray.
Prayer should be the first and foremost. It is not the last resort when all else fails.
Prayer should not be the only time to pray when we are driven to a corner.

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