Thursday, February 18, 2010

Love, Forgive, Help and Serve Regardless

“And so, brothers, select seven men who are well respected and are full of the Spirit and wisdom. We will give them this responsibility.”
Acts 6:3

In this context, believers grumble over food. Further twelve apostles find themselves burdened with administering the food program, instead of spending time preaching and teaching. To solve this problem, their resolution is to delegate the responsibility. They choose seven men based on 3 attributes being — well-respected, full of the Spirit and wisdom.
As I reflect on this several thoughts speak to my heart. First, some things never seem to change. Doesn’t the grumbling sound similar to what Moses faced with the Israelites in the desert after leaving Egypt? This also happen in today's time. Maybe not so much about food but still a lot of grumble and discontentment. Such as among members attending church service while expecting ushers to serve as if they are at a paid event. Next, some things do change. This time not with the people but now with the apostles. Unfortunately, not always for the better. In Matthew 14, we can see what Jesus told the disciples when they wanted Him to send the crowd of five thousand away to the village to buy food for themselves. He said in Verse 16 “…That isn’t necessary—you feed them.” In other words, Jesus want the disciples not only to teach and preach but also to meet the needs of people through serving. As I’ve learned, lessons are often best taught and preached through action.
Overall, we acknowledge and understand grumbling and discontentment will always exist. Thus love, forgive, help and serve regardless. Also, to remember to walk the talk as often as opportunities come my way. For action, many times speak louder than mere words. Therefore once again love, forgive, help and serve by doing more, talking less and regardless.

God bless you.

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